Be Part of History- Drink Lettuce Tea

The history of Lettuce Tea is extensive, and recently reanimated by countless nutritionists, doctors, and influential institutions collaboratively validating the magnitude of leafty vegetables health benefits legitimacy

Lettuce Tea boasts an impressive historic appeal with roots that extend into many cultures. Tisanes, as it is also called, is referred to as a tea because of the steeping process used to produce this micronutrient-rich beverage. Drinking tea was made popular by the ancient Chinese who discovered that tea leaves tea drinking  could provide relief from a stressful day. As a result, tea leaves were later traded to prominent European countries and exported to other western civilizations. Today, tea products are in demand throughout the world.

In Latin and West Indian countries steeping herbs, vegetables, fruits and seeds to produce a "tea" is a longstanding tradition. Here at Complex Beverage we simply take this age-old concept and place it on the front page of modern times. Lettuce Tea is now vitaminated tea and fortified with lettuce nutrients, a key ingredient that aids in quick rehydration and offers soothing and balancing benefits. Through the Lettuce Tea brand, we provide consumers healthy, flavorful, thirst quenching beverages which may help in supporting  a healthy immune system, sustaining the healthy cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure already within the normal range and assist in maintaining a desireable weight loss. 






Be Part
of History

Drink Lettuce Tea


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