Cup and Saucer Restaurant, NY: Thank you for the samples of your products I found them to be quite delicious.

 Junior Golf Tour, Jacksonville, FL:  

Thank you for the Lettuce Tea you provided us earlier this week! Despite the rain and storms, we were able to have a successful tournament.

We filled coolers with Lettuce Tea along with water, and I have to admit, your drinks were all gone long before the water was. The drinks were provided free of charge to the players and received good exposure to all the participants. The parents watching commented and said good things about the drink, as we usually only have water for the kids. 

I attached a picture of some of our winners, you can see the Lettuce Tea drinks we had on display at our trophy table in the background. Thanks. 

DailyVista, GA: 

Thank you for sending us Lettuce Tea! Everyone here at the office is really liking it. I’ve been hearing that they like the taste of each flavor and knowing that it’s such a healthy beverage at the same time. They’re looking forward to seeing Lettuce Tea in stores within the Atlanta area.

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Latest News: North Richland Hills, Texas, October 11, 2012

Complex Beverage has entered into an agreement with Export-Import (EXIM) Strategies Corporation a foreign import and Distribution Company to export its Lettuce Tea products. Exim is a Class 'C' Texas corporation with offices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. EXIM Strategies Corporation is a Contracted Manufacturer's Representative and Buyer's Agent. We source and have a selective screening process to identify the best products for our buyers in Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe, Caribbean, and Iceland & New Zealand as well as represent manufacturers in North America into these regions.

EXIM Strategies Corporation utilizes business methodologies to adapt continually in foreign distribution channels that hold the strongest potential for increases to the bottom line. We directly represent high-quality products to overseas purchasers. Our representation services include product sourcing, product introduction to foreign import buyers, transaction negotiation, import requirement coordination, order placement, paymaster responsibilities as well as ongoing transaction management. We represent large, medium and small size companies directly as well as through leased agreements to provide the best products to buyers around the globe.

We have the staff expertise to facilitate the marketing, organize necessary export inspections, produce export documentation, facilitate shipping and work with financial instruments. Our investment of budget, time and research provided the necessary market experience to meet the needs of buyers and suppliers. Our knowledge also includes country specific information regarding the potential customers, competitive products, product-to-market matching and import restrictions/duties/tariffs. We also coordinate the necessary marketing support to ensure that product will continue to sell once it is obtained by the buyer.

 We are also very pleased to expand our distribution across the U.S. by working with team of brokers across the nation ,” said Eddy Antoine, owner of Complex Beverage LLC. “Our line of healthy beverages is perfect for active individuals, and we believe that our products will have a tremendous impact in the consumer market.

“Lettuce Tea is clearly in a category all its own, delivering nutrient-rich beverages that are refreshing and taste great, We thoroughly enjoy working with products that are unlike anything else on the market, which is particularly true when it comes to this brand. We look forward to expanding the scope of Lettuce Tea in the very near future.”


DailyVista Options Aug 17, 2012

Complex Beverage LLC

INTERVIEW: Complex Beverage's President discusses Lettuce Tea launch Nationwide distribution in the works, PR has been key to success during launch

Lettuce Tea is currently partnering with several marketing firms and brokers with ties to major health food stores and distributors to reach health-oriented consumers nationwide.

“We also plan to showcase Lettuce Tea in all major natural food shows such as the Natural Food Product Expo 2012 in Baltimore,” our source acknowledged. “In addition, we have TV commercials in the works.”